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Services offered to members

Urban Squad

Armed with smiles, brooms, courtesy, awareness and information material, urban squad members are mandated to ensure the cleanliness of downtown streets, sidewalks and public places. Furthermore, they inform and guide downtown tourists to attractions and current events and inform them of the parking lots in the area.

Survey and Study of Clientele

During the summer of 2014, the SDC conducted an intercept survey among a minimum of 400 visitors, workers, downtown residents and citizens to determine their general appreciation of the downtown core as well as their views on issues related to its development. They were asked about the main forces that characterize the downtown core, the improvements they would like to see, the need for revitalization, as well as any irritants they face downtown.

Summer Lottery

The SDC, in cooperation with its member merchants and restaurateurs, offers at certain targeted times during the summer season, 'scratch-and-win' lotteries for Saint-Roch customers. Members of the urban squad hand-out ‘scratch-and-win’ tickets randomly to customers that offer one chance out of four to win an instant prize at a downtown merchant’s store. Participants who discover three identical symbols on their ticket will then win the corresponding price. In addition, the back of each ticket, winning or not, offers participants a discount at some merchant stores.

Spring Community Clean-up

The downtown community spring clean-up is held in May every year in cooperation with l’Engrenage and the City of Québec.

Information Bulletin

The 'St-Roch info' newsletter is distributed four times year to all SDC members. This bulletin is a useful communication tool as it explains, among other things, the actions taken by SDC to develop businesses in the city centre, to transmit important information and to publicize new members, as well as the different activities that take place on the territory. In addition, the SDC offers its members the opportunity to insert advertisements in the bulletin.

Recovery of Ink Cartridges

The SDC is now a proud partner of the ink cartridge recovery program for the Mira Foundation. Participation in the program allows residents to properly dispose of empty ink cartridges, while allowing the Mira Foundation to train dogs to assist people with visual or physical disabilities, including autistic children.

Standalone touristic routes

The standalone touristic routes will allow you to discover the St-Roch district (on your own) with the help of our suggestions. They are regrouped in many themes, such as shopping, food and drink, wellness and for families. They will be available for free in the streets of the district and in all tourism info shelters.
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