Les Ateliers du Réacteur


Les Ateliers du Réacteur

The City of Québec offers workspaces where artists can research and create their masterpieces. Les Ateliers du Réacteur is housed in the former Lépine-Cloutier funeral complex, in the heart of a flourishing sector that has been a haven for artists since 1970.
The complex offers private and semi-private workshops in many shapes and sizes. This workspace encourages creativity, collaboration and synergy by bringing together creators from a variety of disciplines.
The project was brought to you by local professionals. It was financed and made possible by the Ville de Québec and is managed by the St-Roch SDC.

Lease types

Full workshop rental
Rent a full workshop, alone or with a group, under one lease. Leases are shared between all tenants.
Individual lease in a shared workshop (semi-private)
Lease a suite within a shared, separate workshop. Each tenant can use and furnish their space as they wish. Leases are individual. All tenants share one main door and sink.
Day rentals
- Individual rental in a shared space.
- Private space for groups or special projects. Ideal for photo shoots, filming, classes or group work.

Access and common areas

Common areas are available to artists to encourage synergy and a communal spirit among tenants. A break room is available on the second floor and a kitchenette is available on the third floor. Large staircases make carrying materials easy. Ground-floor workspaces are accessible for people with reduced mobility. Parking spaces are available for rent.

Les Ateliers du Réacteur’s conditions of use

The building is not open to the general public. However, clients may regularly be received on-site by appointment.
Arts requiring the use of fire are not allowed. Welding, metalworking, plating or other activities that require fire or an oven that uses more than 110 volts are prohibited. However, jewellery welding is permitted, as is the use of ovens requiring 110 volts or less.
No aerosols.
Some workshops are better suited to artists who work with wood, plaster or other materials that create dust and debris. Others are reserved for artists who need to work in a space free from particles.
Workspaces may not be considered or furnished as living spaces

Project outline

Provide artists with accessible workspaces that meet their needs.
Foster an attitude of collaboration, synergy and teamwork in the cultural community.
Create an open work environment that encourages shared space, artistic collaboration and multidisciplinary projects.

General features

Secure access 7 days a week
Day and long-term rentals available
Rent includes heating and electricity
Ceilings between 8 and 10 feet high
Multiple 110-volt plugs and a basin available in each workshop
Storage lockers and storage room available ($)
Wi-Fi ($)
Parking ($)
Ability to receive clients on-site
Rates from $9–11 per square foot per year

Project eligibility

Be a professional artist under the Act respecting the professional status of artists in the visual arts, arts and crafts and literature, and their contracts with promoters (L.R.Q., chapter S-32.01).
Demonstrate willingness to work cooperatively and/or in a shared space.


Les Ateliers du Réacteur is located in the former Lépine-Cloutier funeral complex. The original appearance of this nearly two-century-old heritage building has been preserved as much as possible. The large workshops, spread out over three floors, can be occupied by individual artists, collectives or groups of artists wishing to share a workspace. Our open-plan spaces are furnished in an industrial style. The divisions between workshops and common areas are made of metal fencing to improve air flow and lighting. The fencing also allows projects to be displayed. The numerous large windows grant the workshops plenty of natural light.

Les Ateliers du Réacteur’s values



Long-term rentals: 24 hours a day
Day rentals: 6:30 AM to 9:00 PM 7 days a week